In Forensic Science there are multiple laboratory test that need to be done in order to analyze the evidence.  The tests can include toxicology tests, DNA evidence, and fingerprint tests. All the poplar TV shows like CSI, NCIS, and Bones show the evidence being processed within days or even hours.  This is not the case in real life though.  A forensic toxicology test normally takes four to six weeks to conduct and receive the results.  Many tests have to be sent off to different labs around the country which causes for the long delays in receiving results. It is actually very uncommon for cities to have their own forensics lab and so when cases need evidence analyzed they have to send it to a bigger city. In a recent article by Jeremy Wallace of the Tampa Bay Times it is stated that “Extracting latent prints is taking 91 days to process, dna and biology samples are taking 88 days to process and computer evidence is taking 119 days to process”. Wallace states that the processing of evidence has been getting even slower in these recent years. Just like in Florida, many labs are backed up for months and will receive the evidence, but not even be able to start to look at it until much later.